About me

Published on Apr 30, 2021 | Updated on Nov 27, 2022

Heya, I’m Sayan. I started writing code when I was seven years old and started programming when I was about nine (or eight). My primary experience is in systems-level programming (especially because I enjoy talking to low-level components) while I also have experience in writing backend systems and some front-end development. That’s until I met the generals ;)

I write code in C, C++ and Rust and for the rare cases, in Python and JavaScript. For the last seven years, Rust is the language that I’ve used for over 90% of the time. Most importantly, I write open-source code. That’s because my notion is that we take more away from the world than we give back, and open-source is my way of giving back to the community and ultimately the world at large. You can find me working on Skytable or on several other open-source libraries and/or projects.

Apart from programming, I’m a very literary person. When I’m not writing code — I’m either delineating landscapes or traversing through the world of flora and fauna — on paper. I enjoy this intermingling.

If you ever want to work on a project or write something with me — don’t hesitate to e-mail me here: nandansayan@outlook.com (yes, I check my e-mail many times a day).

I’m always ready for something new!

PS: If you’re wondering about this site, it’s built with hugo and runs off GitHub Pages. The theme is a fork of the Archie Theme that I modified to suit my tastes.